/* computer projects that'd fit in a github resumé */
/* mostly utility programs and misc digital stuffs */
erb reference network (2021)
a visualization of the reference network in Epic Rap Battles of History

visualization / link
kindle clippings viewer: pt-br (2021)
web application for parsing and visualizing the "My Clippings.txt" file in a brazilian portuguese Kindle

utils / link
monte carlo tree search in tic-tac-toe (2020)
an interactive visualization of the popular planning algorithm

visualization / link
tts2pnp (2020)
a python script for transforming tabletop simulator files into print n' play PDFs

utils / link
Unity MS Paint (2018)
an asset for drawing inside Unity in a MSPaint fashion

unity asset / link
dfa-draw (2017)
a web tool for drawing and testing finite deterministic automata

visualization / link